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Description of the screen system

The Screen is a system combining aesthetics and protection against excessive sunlight and overheating of rooms. It can be used to protect the interiors against the sun without the necessity to avoid using natural lighting.

The Screens can be used to reduce the costs of e.g. air conditioning or artificial lighting. Due to increase in energy performance of a building we can reduce also running costs.

The Screens are ideal both for interiors and when used outside the room. They are ideal for flats, houses, office locations and other public utility buildings. A wide range of fabrics and any colours of the Screen structure gives a great possibility to adapt it to any interior layout.

Following the trend of increasing sizes of glazing, we can manufacture the Screens with areas up to 18 m2.

Versions of the screen system

Screen system is available in three installation versions: flush-mounted, top-mounted and surface-mounted (fixed to the facade or against the window clearance).
It consists of four main components: box, bottom bar, material and guides. Three types of material guiding are available:


This innovative system of material fixing, which is integrated with the guides due to the use of the Zip closure system. It allows ideal gripping, stretching and guiding of the fabric. ZIP system ensures unique stability and resistance to wind. It can be used also as a insect screen against insects.

System with bottom bar
in guides

The material does not move inside the guide, where only the bottom bar is guided. There is free space between the guide and fabric, which is used to ensure good circulation of the air. It is recommended to use in locations covered against strong winds.

System with cable side guides
without guides

The fabric is fixed to the bottom bar, which is moving on the metal cables, without the necessity of using the guides.

Properties of the Fart Produkt screens
  • an effective method of protection of interiors against excessive sunlight and heating while maintaining the natural lighting.
  • improvement of building energy efficiency;
  • boxes and guides made of extruded aluminum;
  • resistance to weather conditions;
  • maximum width – 6 meters;
  • hidden fixings due to the use of two-part guides;
  • high quality – long durability;
  • variety of design solutions;
  • possibility of completely built-in of guides;
  • wide range of colours of structure and fabrics;
  • elegant part of building facade finish;
  • automation of operation in cooperation with weather compensation units.