Roller shutters

Roller shutters

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Roller shutters are intended for use mainly as thermal and anti-burglary protection of the rooms. Therefore our flat, house or apartment will be a place where we feel comfortably, freely and safely.

The shutters can be divided into the following systems considering the type of assembly:

  • adaptive – used mainly in the already existing buildings.
  • for building-in/flush-mounted – generally used in newly constructed buildings.
  • for building-in/top-mounted – intended for mounting on the window before its installation.

All systems are used to improve building energy demand and allow reducing heating costs during the winter and they protect against overheating of the rooms during summer. Each system has different thermal properties. The warmest solution is systems, which does not require any interference in the structure of the lintel and window.

Boxes and guides used for each system are different, while curtains for each system are made of aluminium sections filled with foam, which is offered in a wide range of colours.