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General information

Fart Produkt garage doors are intended for use in single-family and multi-family houses. Sectional garage doors are opening vertically. After opening, they remain under the floor slab and therefore they ensure optimum space for parking in the garage and directly in front of it. What is important, our doors can be installed from minimum lintel size of 70 mm. The doors are operated by pull handles and rope or (for additional payment) by electric drive. Adequate design of the panels and sealing on the whole circumference with durable gaskets our garage doors ensure great thermal insulation.

Doors design

The main components of the structure of the garage doors are: curtain, guiding unit and drive. The load-bearing structure of the doors is made of hot dip galvanized steel. The most important components are vertical and horizontal guides – the doors curtain is moving inside them. A key component of the driving unit is a shaft equipped with torsion springs used to compensate the weight of the doors curtain. Its service life covers more than 15 thousand cycles, that is 15 years of trouble-free and stable operation of the doors.

Door curtain

The garage door armor is divided into sections consisting of panels, which are made of hot-dip galvanized steel sheet (0.5 mm) and coated with polyester. 40 mm thick double-wall panels 500 mm or 610 mm high are insulated with CFC-free polyurethane foam, and their sides are protected with galvanized steel fittings. The number and height of panels depends on the garage door height, it is also possible to use panels of different heights in one garage door. Particular profiled shape of garage door panels eliminates the possibility of fingers caught between segments. The lower and upper panel are equipped with a gasket.

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People who value comfort may choose garage doors with electric drive. You do not have to leave your car to open or close the doors.

Fart Produkt - Bramy garażowe
Safety and durability

All our doors are equipped with torsion springs and a durable structure made of hot dip galvanized steel what ensures many years of trouble-free and stable operation. The special shape of door panels prevents fingers from crushing.

Heat and thermal insulation

Great thermal insulation is ensured by 40 mm thick panels made of hot dip galvanized steel coated with polyester and filled with polyurethane foam. Our doors are sealed on the whole circumference, with durable gaskets, therefore wind or rain cannot penetrate into the garage and bottom gasket eliminates substrate unevenness.

Space saving

Sectional doors are opened vertically upwards and are stays under the floor slab. Therefore they ensure optimum space for parking in the garage and directly in front of it. What is important, our doors can be installed from a minimum lintel height of 70 mm.


The panels are available in three types of ribbings: without ribbings, high ribbings, low ribbings and in two types of surface structure – woodgrain and smooth. Doors panels are painted from the outside. They are always white from the inside. Depending on the selected type of panel and ribbings, we offer many standard colours. On special order and for an additional fee, it is possible to paint in any colour from the RAL palette (extended lead time).

Lead times

With modern equipment resources, high manufacturing capacities and developed logistics facilities we are able to offer one of the shortest lead times on the market.

Individualised fitting

A wide range of colours and various types of panels allows us to create unique garage doors.

Fart Produkt - Bramy garażowe
Depending on the height of the headroom, we offer 5 types of guiding in garage doors (also available in industrial doors):