External venetian blinds

External venetian blinds

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Venetian blinds (external) are modern and elegant window screen fixed outside the building facade. Light and simple design are ideal for single-family houses and modern architectural structures distinguishing with large glazings.

External venetian blinds manufactured by Fart Produkt protects building interiors against excessive solar access and, due to their aesthetic features, affect its appearance, often constituting a complementary component for a facade.

Aesthetic appearance and functionalities

Installed on large facades they are functioning as an insulator controlling the proper distribution of temperature in the room and facilitating the operation of air-conditioning units – without loading it. A thermal barrier, that is air mass slowing down the exchange of heat, is formed between the slat and glass pane. Therefore, for the outside temperature of 35°C it is possible to reduce the temperature inside the building even by 10°C.

Slats can be lifted and lowered, the setting angle can be changed, which allows adjusting the access of sunlight and heat into the rooms.
Height of unit of folded slats in lifted position differs depending on the type of blind and its height.

This value is important from the architectural design point of view because usually it is required to leave sufficient space above the window to fit the whole package of slats.

A wide range of colours allows ideal adaptation of the blind to the modern and classic architectural structures.

Properties of Fart Produkt external venetian blinds
  • an effective method of protection of interiors against sunlight and noise,
  • smooth adjustment of sunlight access to the room,
  • resistance to weather conditions and a very long performance period,
  • variety of design solutions,
  • a wide variety of colours,
  • the elegant part of building facade finish,
  • light and simple aluminium structure, which does not load excessively the building finish facade.